Today is our oldest son’s 18th birthday. He wants to spend the afternoon and evening with his friends. I’m so glad he has friends to spend it with. They want to go hang out at the mall, then go to a fund raiser for their Robotics club, that he organized. He’s the treasurer of the club, and this is his senior year in public high school. He’s getting ready to graduate in June. We’re looking forward to another celebration for him, then sending him off to college. He seems to be doing well. He tells me he’s doing fine. He hates it when I worry about him. He wants to be done with his IEP and move on. I’m concerned about weather his EF challenges will make it difficult for him to transition to dorm life and more independence. I want him to become more independent and I’m looking forward to helping him with the transition to college, but I want him to be prepared to be successful. And I’m just not convinced, yet. Anyway, for today, and tomorrow, and the next week, we’re celebrating!  Yea!!

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Feeling Discouraged

I’ve been advocating for our DS1 since he was in the second grade, 10 years ago. Now he’s getting ready to graduate from HS and go out into the world and spread his wings. Will he be successful? I hope he will be, but I’m not certain and I worry that he is unprepared. The service that the school district agreed to give him (finally) is not working out, and we’re running out of time to advocate for any changes in his IEP during this final spring semester. The admin is talking to me about scheduling his exit IEP, but I feel he still needs to have the service.
What should I do? We are out of time. I feel like the school district has won, just by being so maddeningly inefficient. I’m thinking of seeking out a private provider to see him over the summer, which we will have to pay for. We are struggling to recover from our financial challenges of the past year. Our DS2 needs my attention and more of our energy and resources to survive his NPS.
I’m exhausted and I feel like giving up. The school district has “won”. Our boys are not getting the support that they need to be successful. I hope the district will be happy.

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Thoughts About Blogging

It occured to me this afternoon, as I thought about my most recent post, that maybe I’m being bitter about all of my  experiences with the school district. Maybe I come across as angry and it turns off the admin so they don’t want to listen to me from the start. Maybe it’s all my fault that we have had such a difficult time getting special education services for our two kids. Well, I thought, I AM angry.  My children are precious to me and it angers me when school district admin don’t feel the same way as I do about my kids. I need to write about it. Maybe that will help me feel better.

Maybe it will help me feel less angry at the admin who told me “We don’t do IEP’s at this school”. Maybe it will help me feel less angry at the school psychologist who told me, “We can consider the private psychologist’s report, but we don’t have to accept it”, and “We don’t believe you and we’re not going to do the assessment testing”. Maybe it will help me feel less angry at the teachers who I saw literally turn their backs on the kids who were struggling because they didn’t want to get fired from their jobs. Maybe it will help me feel less angry at the principal who told me, “the wheelchair is a liability issue” and “we can’t allow the wheelchair on the playground, or in the cafeteria, so your son will have to sit in the front office during recess and lunch”. Or the VP who told me “Yes, you can volunteer at the book fair, but you can’t bring your son on campus because of the wheelchair”. Or the admin who turned her back on my son during his graduation ceremony and refused to shake his hand because I had argued with her about the wheelchair. Or the teachers who told my son, “There’s not enough room for your wheelchair in the library so you’ll have to leave…and if you don’t stay out you won’t be able to go on the field trip”. Or the district program coordinator who told me “We’ll agree to your request for eligibility if you’ll agree to non-public school placement”. It was a package deal.

Hey, you know what? I AM feeling better.

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Achieve Potential?

We had another IEP meeting for our DS2 last month. I feel he is floundering because of a lack of support. The school psychologist said we can file for due process if we disagree with the IEP. He even gave me the paperwork to fill out (again with the paperwork from the district?) The motto of the NPS school is “Empowering Students To Achieve Their Highest Potential”. It’s printed in big letters on the school banner at the front door. When  I suggested to the admin that our son wasn’t working up to his ability, which was determined by his score of  99.1 on the Ravens’ Matrix, she answered by telling me that she isn’t concerned as long as he is working at grade level. Really?

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Due Process?

Hi, Everyone. We had an annual IEP meeting for our DS1 recently, which included an assessment for CAPD. We disagreed with the test results so the school district sent us a packet for filing for due process. I just wanted to mention that these information packets are created by the school district and may leave out important information which is necessary for a successful due process filing. Why would the district want to help us with filing a complaint against the district? Maybe to trip us up?

I don’t know for sure but I would like to encourage parents to be very cautious when reading materials that the district has created. Better to find an advocate or attorney to help you file legal paperwork. Don’t believe that the school district has your child’s best interests in mind. If it’s going to cost money for services, they have an obligation to protect the best interests of their employer.

Please visit our 2E Network LA yahoo group for more resources or you can contact me privately by email. Marcie- 2E_Network_LA@yahoogroups.com, or MandMBooth@socal.rr.com

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Hi, everyone. I’m starting this blog for parents, professionals and care givers of special needs and especially twice exceptional children and adults. We support ALL families with special needs individuals and we particularly look for those who have high intellectual ability and also have special needs, such as ADD/ADHD, autism, asperger’s and related disorders, physical disabilities, and any other health or learning challenges.

We also have several other ways of joining our network. We have a yahoo group called Twice Exceptional/ 2E Network LA at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/2E_Network_LA where you will find our online resource library for all special needs children and adults. We have a facebook page, Twice Exceptional/ 2E Network LA, at https://www.facebook.com/2E.Network.LA, and for families living in the Los Angeles area we have a Meet-Up group at http://www.meetup.com/Twice-Exceptional-2E-Network-LA/.  We also have several private email lists for professionals who wish to recieve email resources. Please contact me for more information.

You can learn more about me, Marcie Booth, by visiting LinkedIn, About Me, and Facebook. I enjoy networking and collaborating with other adults, parents, professionals, family and friends in the gifted and special needs communities.

I hope we can share resources and support each other through these web sites and resources. Please email me at 2E_Network_LA@yahoogroups.com, or my home email: MandMBooth@socal.rr.com. I hope to meet you soon!   🙂  Marcie B., Founder & Director of 2E Network LA.

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