Achieve Potential?

We had another IEP meeting for our DS2 last month. I feel he is floundering because of a lack of support. The school psychologist said we can file for due process if we disagree with the IEP. He even gave me the paperwork to fill out (again with the paperwork from the district?) The motto of the NPS school is “Empowering Students To Achieve Their Highest Potential”. It’s printed in big letters on the school banner at the front door. When  I suggested to the admin that our son wasn’t working up to his ability, which was determined by his score of  99.1 on the Ravens’ Matrix, she answered by telling me that she isn’t concerned as long as he is working at grade level. Really?

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Due Process?

Hi, Everyone. We had an annual IEP meeting for our DS1 recently, which included an assessment for CAPD. We disagreed with the test results so the school district sent us a packet for filing for due process. I just wanted to mention that these information packets are created by the school district and may leave out important information which is necessary for a successful due process filing. Why would the district want to help us with filing a complaint against the district? Maybe to trip us up?

I don’t know for sure but I would like to encourage parents to be very cautious when reading materials that the district has created. Better to find an advocate or attorney to help you file legal paperwork. Don’t believe that the school district has your child’s best interests in mind. If it’s going to cost money for services, they have an obligation to protect the best interests of their employer.

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Hi, everyone. I’m starting this blog for parents, professionals and care givers of special needs and especially twice exceptional children and adults. We support ALL families with special needs individuals and we particularly look for those who have high intellectual ability and also have special needs, such as ADD/ADHD, autism, asperger’s and related disorders, physical disabilities, and any other health or learning challenges.

We also have several other ways of joining our network. We have a yahoo group called Twice Exceptional/ 2E Network LA at where you will find our online resource library for all special needs children and adults. We have a facebook page, Twice Exceptional/ 2E Network LA, at, and for families living in the Los Angeles area we have a Meet-Up group at  We also have several private email lists for professionals who wish to recieve email resources. Please contact me for more information.

You can learn more about me, Marcie Booth, by visiting LinkedIn, About Me, and Facebook. I enjoy networking and collaborating with other adults, parents, professionals, family and friends in the gifted and special needs communities.

I hope we can share resources and support each other through these web sites and resources. Please email me at, or my home email: I hope to meet you soon!   🙂  Marcie B., Founder & Director of 2E Network LA.

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