Achieve Potential?

We had another IEP meeting for our DS2 last month. I feel he is floundering because of a lack of support. The school psychologist said we can file for due process if we disagree with the IEP. He even gave me the paperwork to fill out (again with the paperwork from the district?) The motto of the NPS school is “Empowering Students To Achieve Their Highest Potential”. It’s printed in big letters on the school banner at the front door. When  I suggested to the admin that our son wasn’t working up to his ability, which was determined by his score of  99.1 on the Ravens’ Matrix, she answered by telling me that she isn’t concerned as long as he is working at grade level. Really?


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Mom of two twice exceptional young adults, founder of Twice Exceptional/ 2E Network International on Facebook. Also founder of Silly Seal Aquatics & Fitness, water and land exercise for all abilities, ages 6 months to adults, special needs and senior fitness.
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