Middle School & High School

** This is an excerpt from our yahoo support group, 2E Network LA: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/2E_Network_LA/info

Our older son went to Holmes MS Humanities Magnet. The program is all about the social sciences and a lot of writing papers, which is not his strong area. We had our reservations and he struggled through the program, barely passing the 8th grade, only because he had the IEP (students with IEPs are not allowed to fail a grade level, it makes the IEP team look really bad). The admin were not very supportive and it was an ordeal for us.

He went to Cleveland HS Humanities Magnet, mostly because he wanted to be with his friends, which was his main concern. The admin seemed to be a little more supportive with his IEP. I think only because they are more concerned with helping the students prepare for college. We were able to obtain Ed Therapy as an outside service for him but it didn’t work out because the providers were not certified. I’m still disappointed that the district did not help him in way that was appropriate for his needs (ADHD).

He receieved a F in his Spring semester English class and the IEP team decided to “downgrade” him (on paper) from the AP English to “Honors” English, which they said would allow them to give him a passing grade of D instead of an F. He would have had to attend summer school in order to graduate. This is the way the IEP team coverd themselves. On his exit IEP, he did not reach his goals, which has us concerned about his not being prepared for college, but we’re going to let him try going to SFSU and see what happens. He is very excited about going, but if he needs to come home we will help him find a different path.

Our younger son tried going to Porter MS Gifted Magnet, but was recovering from some serious health issues and needed to have an IEP. The admin denied his eligibility, stalled for the entire year, which caused him to basically drop out of the 6th grade. Then they offered us eligibility if we would agree to NPS placement. It was a package deal because they didn’t want him in the Gifted Magnet with an IEP. I accepted their offer because he was having increasing stress and his health was declining. He felt very rejected and depressed, and although he is still attending one of The Help Group schools, he is still struggling to recover his health. It’s not the best environment for him, but he says he wants to stay there because he has friends at the school. He has had a great deal of difficulty making friends over the past 4 years and I am still looking into alternative placement for him.

That’s a brief overview of our experiences with middle school and high school in the LAUSD. Sadly, it has not been a good experience for either of our boys, and has been very stressful for our family. Our younger son still attends school only part time, so I have not been able to return to work and I help with the bills during the summer months by teaching swimming lessons.

Starting this support group has been a good resource for me and I wanted to help other families who may be going through similar experiences with their 2E children. Now we are reaching out across the country to other parents and professionals and gradually growing in numbers and resources.

Thank-you to everyone who is voicing your questions and suggestions. For me, doing research to help anyone, helps all of us. 🙂 Marcie


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Mom of two twice exceptional young adults, founder of Twice Exceptional/ 2E Network International on Facebook. Also founder of Silly Seal Aquatics & Fitness, water and land exercise for all abilities, ages 6 months to adults, special needs and senior fitness.
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